Posca 54 piece case

The 54 Piece case of Posca Paint Markers includes:
PC-1MR - 6 Pens: White, Black, Gold, Silver, Yellow and Red.
PC-3M - 18 Pens: Black, White, Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Pink, Fuchsia, Dark Red, Violet, Lilac, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Light Green, Khaki Green, Dark Brown, Grey, Navy Blue.
PC-5M - 18 Pens: White, Beige, Violet, Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Emerald Green, Aqua Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Orange, Coral Pink, Light Pink, Pink, Red, Red Wine, Gold, Silver.
PC-7K - 6 Pens: Black, Grey, White, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange.
PC-8K - White, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, Red, Violet.