Get Set Go Flashcards: 123


Get Set Go Flashcards: 123 is a brilliant set of early learning flashcards designed to engage toddlers as they learn to recognise numbers and begin counting.

  • 27 double-sided colour cards

  • Instruction card provides plenty of tips for ways to use the flashcards

  • Promotes learning through play

Young children will love learning numbers with this must-have Get Set Go Flashcards Set. Every card features a different number, in large clear font, and on the other side you'll find that number of a certain object. For example, ten pairs of shoes are used to show the number "10".

Each pack comes complete with a double-sided instruction card with ideas on how to use the cards in multiple ways. In this set, one idea given is to "Choose two cards and decide which card's number is bigger or smaller" – a learning extension to basic number recognition and counting. There is a bonus card featuring "+" or "-", providing children with opportunity to do simple sums and work out the answer by counting the objects. 

The cards have been designed specially for small hands to hold with ease, making them perfect for use at home and while travelling. Each double-sided card is illustrated with bright photos, and includes fun, simple sentences to help children master numbers and key vocabulary while having fun. Created using a sturdy material that has been made to last means the cards can be used over and over again!

Why You'll Love These Flashcards 

We know that parents of toddlers need durable products and that's exactly what you'll get with our flashcards. Not only will they survive your toddler's constant playing, you'll find lots of ideas on how to use them, meaning you get great value for money!