Convertible Ice Cream Shop


Convertible Ice Cream Shop – activity book and pop-up ice cream shop for preschoolers

Easy-to-assemble ice cream shop toy with slot-together ice creams for independent play for 3+ years

Convertible Ice Cream Shop is the perfect playbook for toddlers aged 3+ years to play shops with their friends or independently.

  • Wonderful, bright illustration by Sophia Touliatou to appeal to your child's imagination
  • Simple question-based activities for kids to do, based on key vocab of colours, numbers and counting
  • Slot together ice creams to build

The beautifully illustrated Convertible Ice Cream Shop is made out of six sturdy card panels, and is easy to put up, fold down and play with wherever you wish, be it a bedroom, kitchen, garden or even the park! When playtime is over, simply fold down and easily store like any large book.

The outside of Convertible Ice Cream Shop shows brightly coloured ice cream tubs and ice cream cones in stands, ready for the slot together ice cream scoops to be added on top. Children will enjoy sitting next to the cute animal customers and pretending to eat their ice creams.

The inside of the Convertible Ice Cream Shop is set up just like a real shop, with tubs of ice cream to serve, bowls of toppings including fruit and sprinkles, and even a till point to complete the sale. Children will have hours of fun playing shop with their friends, on their own, or roping in the nearest adult!

Your child will enjoy using the 15 slot together card ice cream pieces to build all sorts of ice cream creations, using ice cream scoops of every flavour, cones, ice lollies and even a cherry for the top.

Convertible Ice Cream Shop is a fantastic tool to encourage learning through play (read more about learning through play here). Your child will practise social interaction (back and forth between shopkeeper and customer), problem-solving (no mango sorbet, what can you have instead?), fine motor skills (slotting together ice creams), gross motor skills (moving around the shop and handing over ice creams), imagination and creative ideas (hello Mr Unicorn, would you like a carrot-flavoured ice cream?), and confidence (I can talk about ice creams, ask questions, and put ice creams together all by myself).

Convertible Ice Cream Shop was written by Rosie Neave, an experienced editor and author for young children's books. Rosie has worked on hundreds of children's books and finds it essential that every book encourages learning and curiosity in a fun and appealing way. If her nephews wouldn't love it, it doesn't pass!

Greek illustrator Sophia Touliatou has a remarkable ability to bring such life and character to her illustrations. Everything is so bright and uplifting, and makes us smile as adults, so we feel sure that kids will simply love it.